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Shop Sterilization and Maintenance Procedures

At Artistic Integrity Tattoo Studio we maintain the highest health and safety protocol in the industry, meeting and exceeding the mandatory expectations of Environmental Health Canada. This commitment to public health and safety combined with decades of professional experience and award winning Tattoos are the foundation of our business and why we are considered to be the very best Tattoo Studio by our worldwide clientele.

Please feel free to browse through some of our unique “in house” procedures and/or call/come by the shop for more information.

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At Artistic Integrity we primarily utilize two types of sterilizers, DRY HEAT and AUTOCLAVE as well as a non mechanical backup system incorporating a chemical bath of Wavicide. All sterilizers are monitored and Tested Bi weekly through an independent laboratory, these test results are shared with our peel region health inspector as required by Environmental Health Canada. As an extra step towards health and safety, we have an in house testing/monitoring system in place ensuring that every tool used has a passing spore test associated with it prior to it being put into circulation for use.



Tattoo/Piercing Needles

The most prominent concern customers have when researching Tattoo Studios are the status of Needles used during the procedure…

All Needles are NEW, Pre Packaged, Sterilized, and Single Use.


At Artistic Integrity our responsibility starts by choosing the most reputable and highest quality manufacturers, verifying their processes and materials, then extends beyond the procedure to responsible disposal.

Artistic Integrity is Registered with the Ministry of Environment’s Hazardous Waste Information Network (H.W.I.N.) and as such follows strict standards in regards to the generation and disposal of medical waste including Needles. All “pick up”, “movement” and “disposal” is executed by a licensed Medical waste disposal service and documentation is shared with our regional health inspector.


ALL Tattoo and Piercing stations at Artistic Integrity have been fitted with Hand washing stations, retractable medical grade privacy curtains and 100% non porous surfaces at all work / preparation areas. We take pride in sparing no expense when designing our stations to include only the highest quality Surgical Stainless Steel, 1/2” Tempered Glass, Safety Mirror, High Grade Aluminum Check Plate and Aluminum Stucco Plate. These surfaces prevent any possibility of saturation or bacterial growth and are easily sanitized prior to, during and after any procedure. Also by utilizing these materials we are able to sanitize more often, while using more aggressive anti bacterial chemical sprays (unlike with painted, varnished, wood or plastic surfaces).


Covers, Wraps and other disposables…

All Furniture related to the Tattoo Areas are covered in disposable plastic prior to each procedure and (if necessary) disposable inflatable pillows are provided for client comfort. These materials protect areas that may come in contact with biological agents and are easily disposed of after each procedure.


Station areas, machines, cords and power supplies are also covered with plastic barrier film to prevent cross contamination. Similarly these and all other materials related to the process are single use and disposed of after each procedure including razors, Ink caps, bibs, tongue depressors, paper towels, bottle bags etc…