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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old do I need to be to get a Tattoo?
A: You must be 18 years of age or older to get tattooed at Artistic Integrity.

Q: Will you Tattoo my child (under 18 years old) if I give consent?
A: NO, We will not perform any permanent procedure on anyone under the age of 18 years without exception.

Q: What are your age restrictions in regards to body piercing?
A: Persons 16 years or older may get piercings done without parental consent. Persons 13-14-15 years old need to be accompanied by a parent and may only get standard piercings (ears, nose, navel), I.D. is required for both parties (child and parent), last names must be matching. Forms must be signed and will be linked to both profiles in our system. We do not do Piercings on anyone under 13 years old.

Q: How do I go about making an appointment for a Tattoo?
A: First, you should look through our portfolios to find the artist that best suits your style. Then you can talk to the artist to discuss your tattoo possabilities and share input. At that point, your artist would give you an idea of the cost and book a day and time to get your tattoo started/done. A 20% Non Refundable deposit is required for all bookings. Your deposit can be used to re-book an appointment within 48 hours and will come off the cost of your Tattoo when you cash out upon completion. Cancelation without proper notice will result in a loss of deposit.

Q: How do I take care of my new Tattoo/Piercing?
A: Aftercare instructions will be explained to you before you leave and you will receive an aftercare card with instructions and our phone number on it. Furthermore your receipt will be emailed to you via our database upon your departure, the email contains a link to this website wherein you will find an aftercare button on the home page. If necessary you can also respond to the email you received and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Q: I'm going on a Caribbean vacation soon, should I get my Tattoo now or When I get Back?
A: If you are planning on getting your Tattoo before you go on vacation, you should get it done with ample time to heal before your trip (at least a month before) and be aware that you must protect your tattoo from the sun to prevent premature fading (SPF 50 or better). If you plan your Tattoo for after your trip, you should give ample time to recover from extensive sun exposure or possible sunburn (we cannot Tattoo on sunburned skin and don't recommend tattooing on freshly tanned skin either, this also applies to tanning beds).

Q: What is your policy in regards to touch ups on my new Tattoo?
A: If proper aftercare is followed, your new tattoo shouldn't need touching up. However, if your tattoo needs to be touched up you would be aware of it by the end of the healing process (7-10 days). Touch ups are FREE OF CHARGE if you come back within a reasonable timeframe (within 8 weeks).