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About Ian Greening, Owner/Tattoo Piercing Specialist:

Ian greening is a true artist, he collaborates with his clients to create one of a kind custom artwork that will project a story and evoke emotion in a timeless fashion.

His tattoos are highly regarded by fellow tattoo professionals as well as his worldwide clientele.

Ian has won several international awards for his black and grey, color, tribal and portrait tattoos at the Toronto, Maritimes and Montreal tattoo conventions and has also been featured in many Tattoo magazines and publications. He was the inaugural winner of the prestigious "Creative Community Arts Award" presented by the Mississauga Arts Council and received a Certificate of Recognition from Mayor Hazel McCallion and City Councilman Jim Tovey for his long standing dedication to the arts in Mississauga.

When Ian is not at his studio, you may find him flying helicopters over Canada and the Cayman Islands as he works to complete his Commercial Helicopter Pilot licence or he can be found at a nearby zoo helping with the socialization of exotic animals such as tigers, lynx, wolves, lions and cougars.

Several times per year, Ian brings the baby animals to the shop to meet and greet his customers and educate them regarding the impact we have on their habitat.

Ian's hobbies also include bungee jumping, S.C.U.B.A. Diving, caving and going to the gun club to practice shooting for I.P.S.C. (International Practical Shooting Confederation).

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About Garth, Tattoo Specialist:

"I've Been tattooing for more than ten years, over that time I have seen many changes in the industry, trying to consistently stay on top of the latest trends"

A skilled and multitalented Tattoo artist, Garth has been working in the industry for over a decade. He has a passion for doing American Traditional tattoos and has specialized in all genres of the trade for most of his career.

In 2004, Garth landed an apprenticeship over a span of five years at Lucky 13 Tattoos in Niagara Falls. During that time, Garth was taught in all aspects of the tattoo industry. In a short period time he found himself taking over a leadership role through managing the shop and sharing his knowledge about how to tattoo with new young apprentices.

Garth has since been perfecting his craft through a solid understanding of proper techniques and practical application. He has left clientele satisfied throughout Southern Ontario, having worked at various shops from the Niagara Region and Hamilton to the Georgian Bay area.

Since his humble beginnings in Niagara, Garth is now tattooing out of Port Credit, Mississauga at Artistic Integrity. Known to have a gentle hand, if you desire a clean and solid tattoo, Garth is the Tattoo Artist for you.

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